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Weber mass attenuator for sale

weber mass attenuator for sale for sale for over I have some great pedals and miscellaneous gear for sale. Excellent condition. What we have here is a Ted Weber 100W amp attenuator built in teh good old US of A This attenuator is one of the better ones out there and users a real speaker 1254852040 Attenuate Your Amp Record Direct with Speaker Emulation and More. A 300 nbsp 10 Apr 2008 Not very practical to DIY a Weber Mass like attenuator then right which features these rheostats and includes contact information for sales. Cost me 140 plus shipping for you though 120 shipped in USA shipping outside of USA will be extra . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Bugera 39 s PS1 is a 100 watt tube amplifier attenuator that helps you achieve thick cranked amp tone at much more manageable volumes. 27 Apr 2018 Weber Mass 100 Reactive Attenuator In Depth Review And A Look Into The World Of Power Attenuators. True attenuators ones like the THD Hot Plate Weber Mass MiniMass Rivera Rockcrusher etc. I went for it. 4 A Weber Mass rated at 100 watts. I don 39 t use it at practice volumes. 8 ohm up to 60w Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Power Tube Brake Load Mass Attenuator. Like all Weber attenuators setting the speaker control to minimum maximum attenuation allows the MASS Lite to be used as a dummy load for testing or for DI use. Join millions of music makers all over the world on Reverb. Jan 13 2015 I use a Weber Mass with my Bassman and it works great. Cosmetically it is in great shape. Read honest Buy the a Weber. Hope this helps anyone interested in an attenuator and tube amp headphone ability. 9 Jun 2015 The MASS employs an actual speaker motor for the load to yield a realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp. It sounded great with the Legacy though. The attenuation is nbsp Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for Weber Mini Mass 50 Watt Speaker Attenuator at the best online prices at eBay Used normal wear I am selling my Weber Attenuator. Passive attenuator with multiple impedence settings and 25 watt rating. This attenuator has a main volume knob nbsp 4 8 16 ohms treble compensation MASS bypass line out. You would need the Weber Mass which is a 100 watt attenuator. Weber Mpe 750 Crankcase Msx 150 Crankcase Polaris Crankcase. Find your next favorite new used or vintage instrument or sell one of your own. May be used on 4 8 and 16 ohm amplifiers. I just got a Weber Mass 100 recently. This means NO PEDALS that add gain . Currently have a Weber Mass 100w SPL Reducer and Swart Night Light. The attenuation is continuously adjustable from zero to over 50db. Before buying a Sholz power soak do some research. You can use the 100watt Mass Lite with a 50w amp no problem. Attach these wings to the sides of your attenuator and you can mount it in a standard 19 rack. Weber MASS 200 Attenuator in as new condition. No international Sale Mojotone Artists Support Clearance New Products Mojotone Amps Weber Mini MASS 50W Attenuator 4152062 151. Run between your amp and speaker to lower the volume of a cranked amp. No box included. The MASS III occupies two rack spaces and requires adequate ventilation for proper operation. Direct out and eq switch that will add 3db or 6db of high end or flat. Apr 26 2007 2. 00 shipped Like all Weber attenuators setting the speaker control to minimum maximum attenuation allows the MASS Lite to be used as a dummy load for testing or for DI use. I have a Weber attenuator that works great. 92. It also has a 2 ohm switch. com weber minimass 50w attenuatorload box review Buy the MiniMass here Attenuator Shootout Weber Mass vs Badcat Unleash vs THD Hotplate. I use a Weber Mass 150 in front of the Bugera because I like the Weber tone control but they are very touchy at low volume. Weber Mass 100w Attenuator. 39 72 Marshall 1982A Speaker Cab and 39 08 Gibson Les Paul R9. Free shipping. 00 euros on Adverts. I have a 100 watt MASS and a 15 watt one too which is great for dialing in tones on small amps. The treble control is always dependent on the main volume control. 0 is true by pass. Top row Weber Mass Lite 100 watt power attenuator 110 Radial Switchbone a b y switcher with boost and power supply 110 Bottom row Nabla 1987 Plexi pedal with boost made in Italy 190 Tone Bakery Creme de la Creme gain clean boost 90 Xotic Effects SL Drive 75 Guitar For Sale in Juneau AK Waterloo W 12 MH Acoustic Epiphone FT 45 Cortez acoustic Guitar pedals PRS SE Angelus Custom acousticelectric Guitar 1x12 speaker cab unloaded. as not to have to buy one if I change my amp speaker slip and a treble boost . The THD Hot Plate is the only attenuator on the market with built in noise reduction to reduce the hiss and hum between notes. Pulling tubes does not compare to the benefit you will get with an attenuator. Only Weber uses a spaker driver and they advertice quot Because a MASS motor is employed a more realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp occurs. When searching make sure you take note. Weber Mass Vs THD Hotplate Power Attenuator Attenuator for sale Marconi TF2001 MF Oscillator amp MF Monitored Attenuator. Jul 15 2015 The Weber is the most natural sounding with some eq tweaks I prefer 3db treble always on The THD is the most inexpensive and only suffer with biting tones are high attenuation. Jan 28 2020 An attenuator will retain that power amp sing and quiet the amp but does inject in some other stuff like losing some treble. small home studios. I have a 50 watt amp that I would not be using with the master volume cranked all the way up. Where as power attenuator use a resistive load which robs you of tone the more you attenuate. The Weber Mass 200 has 4 8 16 ohm ability and can be used as a practice amp with the headphone tap with your vintage tube amps 39 speakers disconnected and up to either 120watts or 200watts. I 39 m only interested in using the attenuator with the line out feature into my recording interface and then applying some speaker IRs in 39 77 Marshall Super Bass full blast Vs Attenuation with Hotplate 16 and Weber Mass 100. Is this a good choice Any experiences out There with a similar amp Aug 10 2014 Weber MASS Attenuator August 10 2014 Amplifier Reviews Amplifiers attenuator mass weber David Szabados The past several years have brought about an era of reinvigoration for vintage non master volume style amplifiers and I believe some of the reason is due to the fact that there are some great choices for attenuators out on the market today. I purchased the attenuator harness from Weber also b c the speaker in the combo is not attached to the chassis with a 1 4 inch jack. Weber Minimass 50W attenuator. The Mass Lite does not have the full DI tone stack like the standard MASS 100. Find great deals on eBay for volume box attenuator. Attenuators The original Ted Weber 100watt mass attenuator. 062 Weber 3201 Connect 34. Shop today at Long amp McQuade the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in Canada with over 70 stores. Shop with confidence. 5 watt tube had with 1x12 quot speaker cab Lucky Lady speaker . Weber Mass 100 has arrived. by comparing your Weber Mass 150 schematic to the Mass 150 that I own bought in 2009 I noticed some differences Speaker motor shows 16Ohm resistance not 8 the speaker motor is connected in parallel with the 4x16ohm resistors not to the rheostat the caps are 4. Buy amp attenuators and loadboxes now and get 2 year warranty fast convenient delivery options and nbsp Weber attenuators are well known for their excellent quality and friendly price. For what it 39 s worth I 39 ve used the 25W MM with my old Vibrolux Reverb. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Guitar Power Attenuators at Guitar Center. Hmm we don 39 t have any listings for this Designed for use with 100w amplifiers and lower. This is one of our most unique MASS units in that it has two power level controls one for the bass mid frequencies and one for the upper mids treble frequencies. I have heard of mixed reviews on the Rockcrusher. I ordered a Weber MASS III guitar amp attenuator the evening of 21 April 2020 during the height of the COVID 19 crisis for use primarily with my Mesa Boogie Mark IV combo serial number 356. Guitar Amp Attenuators at Europe 39 s largest retailer of musical instruments fast delivery 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 3 year Thomann warranty. 270 Negotiable. The Rivera reviews sounded legit so I bought it. I also have a 22 watt amp I would probably be cranking. 12. My Marshall was tired of low volume mush. Weber Mpe 750 . Amps. Even the Weber Mass left me disappointed. let 39 s not get into why etc. Then to control the mids and treble us have the weber mass lite 100 its good for 50 watt amps which mine are with various impedances 4 8 16 ohm speakers works with all of the no problem I do like the seperate bass and treble cuts on the attenuator lets me taylor the sound a bit there is no ohmage switch it just works which is a nice feature. I have mostly master volume amps because I had tried attenuators before and they were no good. quot Weber Micro Mass Attenuator guitar tube amp power soak. or Best Offer. The Weber Mini Mass 50W is 115 and the 50 Watt Mass is 205. The 100 comes with line out controls if you want to use it as a load box and use speaker Sims. 95. Includes MASS bypass and line out. amp gt direct box gt weber mass lite Bugera 39 s PS1 is a 100 watt tube amplifier attenuator that helps you achieve thick cranked amp tone at much more manageable volumes. Simply put this is the finest and most versatile attenuator available on the planet A must have to allow for incredible driven tone at reasonable volume levels for home studio or small clubs. Oct 09 2017 Epiphone Junior Half Stack. Optional wings may be employed for rackmounting the MASS Lite. Just some things to consider when you pick your attenuator. 25 Apr 2008 06 33 spent a few mins. The Weber mass lite acts as a dummy load so you don 39 t have to hook up a speaker to it for totally silent recording great to crank your 100 watter through headphones or record at home. Sale Quality Professional Guitar Shop Customer Service Jazz Favorite Friendly. It is huge solid and The Weber and THD you mention in particular are both passive load boxes with attenuators built in. Cuts 6 db from input and or 6db from output for a total of 6 or 12 db. I also plan to test a Tone King Royalist 15w on sunday with the Sep 21 2013 The gear in question is a Peavey Classic 50 amp with Peavey Classic 410E and Peavey Classic 115E cabs and a 50 watt Weber Mini Mass attenuator. 2 A Weber Micro Mass rated at 15 watts. While the model above is ideal for professional guitarists and players who are looking for the very best product they can find the price range may too expensive for some players especially if you re just looking for an attenuator you can use at home. some fizz present in dirty audio I have a brand new Gibson Power Stealth Attenuator for sale. Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars 9814 7538 heavy Duty 16 Gauge . This is really the grand daddy of all attenuators. Especially for cranking up any tube amp when moderate volumes are mandatory i. Made for low powered amps. I decided it may be helpful to collect many of the attenuator threads into a single thread. New listings FS FT THD Bivalve 30 Amp w Built In Hot Plate Attenuator 650 Annapolis Dr Z KT 45 2x12 Combo Amp with Brake lite attenuator 1 600 Bradenton Weber Mass 200W attenuator. There are many threads on The Squawk Box forum about attenuators. It should be used with tube based amplifiers as it allows you to use a tube amp at full power without needing to have the volume at full blast. This unit comes with the footswitch to turn it on and off which works awesome in place of a boost pedal. Given its value and difficulty of replacement I m very cautious with my Boogie. Apr 06 2014 I considered the MASS lite but I couldn 39 t get it since my amp is 2 ohms. Oct 05 2006 For Sale or Trade is my Weber Mini Mass 50 watt attenuator that I bought specifically for my Legacy Head but now that I sold that I really don 39 t need this any more. Qty Weber MASS Lite 100W 8 Ohm Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Power Tube Mass brake Attenuator for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I 39 ve been considering an attenuator for some time since I play in a small room in my home and cranking the volume up past halfway on even my little 5W Valve Jr is painful to the ears and obtrusive to the rest of my family. Below is something right from Gibsons website. The MiniMASS employs an actual speaker motor for realistic interaction between the attenuator and nbsp 10 Aug 2014 One solution is the Weber MASS Attenuator. The MASS employs an actual speaker motor for the load to yield a realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp. The amp breaks up at 4 on the volume knob and sounds pretty nice and saturated at 6 7. Let me know what you have. 8 Jan 2019 In short you are going to buy a very expensive touring amp then choke it way down to BR levels and lose 90 of the mojo in the process. Weber 50 watt MiniMASS. Your 2203 is 100 watts so it is overpowered for this attenuator. THD hot plates and Weber Mass are great versions. Weber Mass 100W attenuator. Also I included a bypass switch for obvious reasons. I don t plan on even using the full 45 watts on my super so the 100 seemed like a good option. This attenuator has three knobs for tonal control. and yes reactive over resistive 110 yields the best results tonally IMO. Most people report a little hi freq loss but seem comfortable adjusting their tone for that. Weber Mass III 150 Watt Power Attenuator SOLD. The unit is fully functional and comes with a 5 ft. For your consideration is a used Weber Mass 50 watt speaker attenuator. Pre Owned. Thanks for looking. Very low hours. Footswitch included. I 39 d pass on the headphone tap that 39 s the only negative I found so far. Check out the full review on the Weber MiniMass 50W here http www. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide spanning community to buy sell and discuss all things music gear. FOR SALE Boston MA Works flawlessly to cut the volume without altering the tone. The Aracom DAG Faustine Phantom and Ironman attenuators get good reviews but are out of my price range. SKU SKU nbsp Weber Mass 100W attenuator. For example if you have a 50w high gain amp you should opt for the MASS 200. But according to the weber web site they seem to think if you have say a 50w amp its best to go to a 100w attenuator as amps are rated to their quot clean quot 50 or 25 watt MiniMASS. FOR SALE Long Island NY Power tube tone amp breakup achieved. I have the Weber as it has the 2 option which I need for one of my amps. Attenuators. Weber 100 Watt MASS. I am looking for 175. All do different things. If that 39 s not enough of a power drop leave them out and add the attenuator. This design is a combination of two DIY pages This site is the basis for my attenuator Dec 24 2009 The Mass has a speaker motor in it that is supposed to help with the tone they have tone controls on them. I like the hot plate for high wattage amps like the twin. The Weber MicroMass Attenuator is a reliable 15 watt attenuator that can be used with 4 ohm 8 ohm and 16 ohm amplifiers. All controls are on the front panel. co. I 39 d stay away from those when you can get boutique performance with Weber for a reasonable price. They come in different sizes. The MiniMASS employs an actual speaker motor for realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amplifier. Weber mass mini. 11285 Jan 16 2007 The only other attenuator I 39 ve ever used is the built in Hotplate on the THD Univalve. Get full power tube saturation at bedroom volume levels. I 39 m kind of leaning towards the Rivera but the price of the Hot Plate is tempting. Ultimate Attenuator 4. It 39 s a clone of the Dr Z Airbrake but costs about 100 with two speaker cables . Most orders are eligible for free shipping. The Ulimate Attenuator is expensive as hell. Practice volume wicked loud but not causing hearing damage to the neighbors next door. It has been tested by one of our techs and is fully functional. Reviews. Will consider trades for pedals. plug into the speaker out jack on the amp not the effects loop. The main volume is controlled by the BASS knob. Of the 3 only the Weber Mass is really in my price range. The Mass has several more adjustments than the Mini Mass and the Scumback DBL. uk Apr 03 2009 The WEBER MASS 200 makes it poss for me to actually use this amp Thanks Ted I am using my Epi SG with a HighOrder pickup in the bridge. Welcome to the Ultimate Attenuator the most transparent and safest tube amplifier attenuator on the market in the world. not been tested for I don 39 t have anything to test it on Aug 10 2014 We ve checked out two different attenuators already including the well known THD Hot Plate as well as the Weber MASS and both performed very well. Weber recommends you at least double the highest power output you plan on using. May 05 2004 I 39 ve got a Weber MASS and it 39 s a great tool. KennyO Sep 24 2017 I have several attenuators and have sold a few. Watch Hot Box Tube Amp Volume Box Volume Attenuator Explore our selection of amp attenuators and simulators. This makes the attenuator a nice volume cut lead boost tool with amps that run out of headroom when they are driven really hard. I got it used in excellent condition and am passing it along as I don 39 t use it anymore. Full attenuation for up to 100W amplifiers and slight attenuation for up to 150W amplifiers. I 39 ve also looked at several attenuation circuits using L pads which of course are completely resistive. Bradders Apr 26 2007 1. Upgraded with Headphone Tap Upgraded with Balanced Out. Even those with masters just beg to be cranked. Great attenuators speakers cabs and amps from Weber. Paypal 39 d using the gift option. This is a used Weber Micro Mass Attenuator. Thank you all from Damian Jan 28 2020 Thus 50w amp should use a 100w attenuator. Dec 21 2018 There are a number of cheap attenuators that will trash your tone but the Weber Mass models are designed to leave your tone unaffected. The Weber Mass is also less expensive than the THD. The minute I stepped on any of my dirt boxes the sound was HORRIBLE. But I ordered during the 10 off Christmas sale at Weber so after shipping I paid 212. Used once. It does not have to be in perfect cosmetic condition but must work. Music Stores Oct 19 2016 Yeah I got a weber mass 200 collecting dustnothing wrong with it I just have plenty of vol control with my Black Box Russian big muff. 3 A Weber Mini Mass rated at 25 watts. Both are apparently very good for not having much tone suck. And if you don 39 t overload it will last a lifetime. Weber does indeed make an attenuator with a boost switch unfortunately it is an optional circuit to the 200 watt attenuator kit. Bird Termaline. Z Germino and some without masters. The line out has a bypassable three band tone stack and separate volume control. Not lower then that. This is small dent on the bottom of the enclosure which doesn 39 t affect functionality. And just in time. Report abuse. Guitar Amp Attenuators at Europe 39 s largest retailer of musical instruments fast delivery 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 3 year Thomann warranty Served with love Even if chocolate chip is on your mind our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. These are back ordered out of the factory right now so if you want one quick this is a great alternative. I 39 ve been playing around with reactive attenuators based on the Weber Mass design for several years now and have generally been pretty happy with the results but it seems to me that as designed a lot of the load is still purely resistive. With wires to connect amp play now. With my MASS on 1 max attenuation I get something that resembles a large angry wasp trapped in a large jam jar. It 39 s great overall. 59. I will not accept responsibility for any damage associated with following the included instruction safe and reliable use. With no power applied the attenuator is still usable. I 39 ll second Wes 39 endorsement of Ted Weber who builds a fine product and sells it for far less than other manufacturers of attenuators and speakers Pre owned Weber Minimass Attenuator. The footswitch has a 12 39 cable and the power pack for the switching relays is a 6VDC wall wart. 8 ohms. Courtneys Road Belgrave South VIC. Sep 10 2007 List your items for sale and or trade List items you Want to buy. This attenuator has three knobs for tonal control. Weber. The SPL Reducer does a crazy amount of attenuation without massively killing the tone. If you like the tone and response you get from a cranked up tube amplifier but you cannot handle the nbsp Find Weber in Amps amp Pedals Amplifiers and pedals for sale in Canada Roland Fender Marshall Vox Peavey Gibson Weber Mini Mass 50W Attenuator. Dec 24 2017 I use a Weber Mass 100 with my 1987x. Great sounding and versatile attenuator. 99 Price. I also chose the option for line out to run it into my interface and using impulse responses if I need to be completely silent. Like all Weber attenuators setting the speaker control to minimum maximum attenuation allows the MASS Lite to be used as a dummy load for testing or for DI nbsp There 39 s nothing like a great tube amp running at full power for Tone feel and excitement. Learn nbsp The MASS employs an actual speaker motor for the load to yield a realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers The footswitch has a 12 39 cable and the power pack for the switching relays is a 6VDC wall wart. reverb. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Weber Mass Lite 100W attenuator. Jul 06 2012 25W Weber mini mass. for sale. 16 8 and 4 ohm settingsset to match your amp and you can use any ohm speaker. A Weber Mass 100 watt attenuator in a red finish. The piece features volume base treble and middle 10 position knobs a 3 position treble boost knob and 10 position speaker knob. That 39 s what my Vibro Champ is for. Want to buy a Tone King Iron Man II reactive power attenuator. Great for driving the sweet spot of your tube amp without making your ears bleed Also has a line out for recording the signal. 8 Ohm Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Power Tube Mass brake Attenuator for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3. 8 ohms or 16 ohms Weber Mass Lite 50w Used Other Music Instruments amp Equipment For Sale in Castledermot Kildare Ireland for 125. I have a brand spankin 39 new Weber Min Mass 50 for sale. Amp inputs at 4 8 and 16 ohms makes Jettenuator more versatile than other attenuators. 29 Aug 2020 Weber Mass Lite 50w Attenuator. And alongside the THD Hot Plate Weber MASS and other relatively costly attenuators that turn up in the search results the volume box attenuator seems deceptively cheap. From Weber quot This attenuator has a main volume knob and 3 position treble compensation switch which affect nbsp A power attenuator used with a guitar amplifier is a type of attenuator that diverts and Some production attenuators are the Scholz Power Soak the Marshall Power Brake THD Hot Plate Weber MASS Audiostorm HotBox and ARACOM. Sell One Like This Price Guide. Weber Mass 3. 1K views. I 39 ve got that one tucked in the back of my Marshall Class 5. Guaranteed ultimate2knops. If your venue is volume restricted no need to compromise your sound. That said this is an quot AS IS quot sale. Weber 50 watt MiniMass Attenuator. The attenuation is continuously adjustable from zero to over 70db using speaker control and the range switch. FOR SALE San Francisco and Bay Area CA Weber Mass III attenuator works great Asking 175 weber mass III music instrument guitar attenuator spea 0 results for weber mass attenuator eBay determines this price through a machine learned model of the product 39 s sale prices within the last 90 days. BUGERA POWER SOAK PS1 Grey For Sale Bass Guitars For Sale Amps Preamps and Cabinets 50 watt Weber attenuator Discussion in 39 If you need information about attenuators in general The Jet City 100 watt attenuator has some useful features making it an excellent tool for both live and recording. it gets kinda flabby after that point. 92 59. Play your tube amplifier at neighbor friendly volume levels or play without a speaker cabinet at all with the Two Notes Torpedo Captor reactive load box direct box attenuator and speaker simulator. 25 Weber 3201 Connect Smart Grilling Hub Black 1 Ambient 1 Meat Probe The Keysight 8495B dc to 18 GHz manual step attenuator offers exceptional repeatability and reliability. searching and apparently I think those are meant for use in line with tweeters so if I 39 m seeing it correctly the wattage rating will go down when used w lower frequencies. I. Demonstrated with Weber Mini Mass attenuator using Hohner Rocket Amp harp amp Red Howler mic. Finally I tried the Weber Mass 100. Weber Mass 100W Like new only used twice for a matter of minutes I ve decided I m just going to use pedals or lower wattage amps for overdrive sounds. Full attenuation for up to 35W amplifiers and slight attenuation for up to 50W amplifiers. Heard some horror stories about transformer failure but nothing concrete. Teleman Supporting Member. Sp8ctre Jul 12 2020 2. As new still in the box in original packaging with instructions Jet city guitar attenuator designed by soldano. Impedance selector for 4 8 16 ohms MASS bypass switch unbalanced line out. speaker cable. Jun 03 2011 Thanks Ken I value your opinion on this since you used nearly the same amp I currently have. 100 Attenuator vs 500 Attenuator Duration 9 58. infamousmusician. Jun 19 2017 The Weber Mass 200 is a reactive attenuator. Watch Dr. fwiw my 64 sounds the best when at about 70 percent. My design uses a 100 watt L Pad to attenuator the power of the amp. Another thing to mention is that whenever attenuators are discussed and recommended the Weber Mini Masses seem to be widely used and moderately acceptable in sound quality. 6 000 and growing factories in our existing network 2007 08 13 Weber MASS 150 review I just wish the hotplate had variable resistances I like that option on the Weber. 58 kB 696x498 viewed 211 times. Weber MASS Lite Power Attenuator USED 189. Building on the already popular RockCrusher power attenuator RockCrusher Recording adds a built in cabinet emulator with an 11 band EQ so you can dial in your tone perfectly at any volume. If you have a 100w amp you should still go with the MASS 200 but you should not crank the amp. Digging around the web I came across the BWM 100w attenuator. The quot 8 ohm quot rating means that when the attenuator is turned all the way down it will give something sort of like an 8 ohm load to the amp. Full attenuation for up to 60W amplifiers and slight attenuation for up to 100W amplifiers. Because heavy attenuation can cause tone loss I have included a bright switch to help compensate for the loss in treble. Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for Weber Mini Mass 50 Watt Speaker Attenuator at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products I 39 m looking at getting a Weber Mass attenuator of some kind. And I was attenuating quite a bit in both cases. but that could very well be the old speakers losing some of their gusto. The line out signal is dependent on your amplifier settings. It does rob tone but it still sounds great. com. Bird Termaline 8329 300 2000 Watt 50 Ohm 30db Coaxial Attenuator With Blower For Sale Online. Weber Mini Mass 50W Attenuator If you want to Make product changes Create something not in stock. In the mean time I read other forums and the Weber page and chose the Mass Lite. STAMIS CUSTOMS TWEEDY BIRD 8 ohm 65 watt speaker attenuator for tube amplifiers the was designed with low to mid wattage amplifier in mind. The only thing a reactive attenuator may do is wear your power tubes faster depending on how hard you push them. I 39 ve used it with amps up to 50 watts although it is recommended that your attenuator be capable of handling twice the rated power output of the amp. Expensive but maybe my best gear purchase of the last 10 years. Z is a partially reactive load similar to the Weber Minimass and the VHT offerings. 00 Re Order Most Relevance 92 Soonest Completion 92 Lowest Priced 92 High To Low Prices 92 New Select Prices Less Than 51 92 Less Than 107 92 Less Than 248 92 Less Than 486 92 Less Than 750 92 Less Than 832 92 Less Than 1167 92 Less Than 1507 92 Less Than 2896 92 Less Than 3995 The word attenuator is also thrown in there which makes these boxes turn up when you use that as a search term. Uses two rack spaces. The Weber sounds much better at high levels of attenuation than the HotPlate but I 39 ve heard that the Hotplate on the Univalve isn 39 t as nice as a standalone Hotplate. I 39 ve gone back and forth between using the attenuator or a drive pedal in front. That or the Weber Mass. 150. September 1 2020 Hey everyone Thanks for checking out our attenuators. Don 39 t do it. The continuous attenuation control lets you set the volume right where you want it. ie. Re Weber MASS Attenuators by dai h. 50. No really it was the first commercially available attenuator made and they date back to the 70 39 s. Full attenuation up to 35w amplifiers. They are also cab OHM specific which sucks. The Weber Mass units use a speaker motor and resistors which allows your amp to maintain its natural and dynamic response even with high levels of attenuation. 2 MacStevenXIII 5 years ago May 28 2013 I 39 d look at the Koch Loadbox II. Ted designed these to basically disappear and let your amp sound great. All pre owned items are rated and scored. Not interested in trades. Sep 28 2006 I was able to score a Weber Mass 100 watt attenuator from ebay. Jettenuator Our attenuator is recommended for input wattage up to approximately 80 watts. I am the origional owner and had this hand built for me with a blue knob and is MINT. It sounds really good. I love how it sounds loud but at bedroom volume I can 39 t get a good high gain tone. 92. A word of warning though even with an attenuator I wouldn 39 t expect a decent tone at 39 bedroom 39 levels. Add to Cart. From Weber MASS with 15 watt rating. Excellent condition Will consider trades for pedals Happy to ship Cash or PayPal 1255687978 Weber Custom Vintage Mandocello USED Boston Guitar Mandolin Shop If the item is a Sale Item special discounted price an item listed on our Specials Page Jan 19 2009 Go with the attenuator Will make the amp much more versatile. 00 The word attenuator is also thrown in there which makes these boxes turn up when you use that as a search term. Weber Mass Lite two FOR SALE Les More Spectre Single Cut Black Beauty Type. From what I understand however they are very similar attenuators. Looking for the 100 watt version. Good working condition. Follow this Product. I also have the newer model paired with my BFDR. Cash in hand only. per Piece 4 lb. jpg 68. I have owned many attenuators Hot Plate Weber Mass Air Brake Power Station and the Fryette Power Station is the first one I truly can say is THE one. It looks like I can get a new Weber for about the same price as the used Airbrake maybe ill pass then. 3. amp gt direct box gt weber mass lite Jun 03 2012 Dr. The Weber Mass attenuator would suit your needs very well. Mass Guitar Power Attenuator from Weber. For sale is a Weber Mass Lite 100 power attenuator. Weber mini mass attenuator 130 lt image 1 of 3 gt QR Code Link to This Post. part TWEEDYBIRD8 prices Specifications TWEEDYBIRD8 Hi I plan to use the attenuator on a Marshall 1974x if I can find that kind of Marshall P I plan to use the 12db setting or even 16db. If you re used to pushing your amp this is no big Honestly I do not like using an attenuator because the tone controls on the amp don t work but I have to with my 100 watt Plexi. Slight attenuation up to 50w amplifiers. FREE FAST SHIP FULL MONEYBACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Weber Speakers Amp Attenuator Mass III at Amazon. 4 8 16 ohms treble compensation MASS bypass line out. Skip to main content Skip to footer site5116017692 site5116017692 Used 116017692 Weber Micro Mass Power Attenuator site5116017692 Apr 26 2011 You are at a lightly used NIB Weber Mass 100. The main volume is controlled by the large Speaker knob. Sep 12 2020 The DSL is the first tube amp I 39 ve had. View all items from Musical Instruments Home Furnishings D cor amp More sale nbsp 2 May 2016 Well that 39 s the sort of technology that 39 s inside my ancient GT Electronics Speaker Emulator and that won 39 t be for sale while I 39 m alive meaning nbsp Weber Mass Attenuator for 25 watt amp. 2 user reviews on Weber Mass. I 39 ve heard both are goo A Weber Mass 100 watt attenuator in a red finish. 00. Weber Mini Mass 50W Attenuator Cambridge 29 08 2020. Great for home recording or not waking up the neighbors. Works great 150 obo . The full MASS by Weber is the only attenuator they make for 100 watts into 2 ohms. To really get the most out of it I would want one that has a variable impedance and that basically leaves the Faustine Aracom and Weber Mass. Like all Weber attenuators you can turn all attenuator controls to zero pull the speaker and just use the line out making the MASS III a dummy load. Buy online or at your local store today Weber Micro Mass Attenuator Weber Micro 150. Mar 01 2018 Attenuator Shootout Weber Mass vs Badcat Unleash vs THD Hotplate Duration 7 24. If you are going to use a volume box then just save your money and get the SC20 amp instead of the SV20. Jun 28 2011 Taming my 6505. They can sound pretty good when you 39 re only knocking off 3 6 dB but that 39 s not going to be much help in an apartment your 100 watt amp will still be louder than Weber micro mass speaker attenuator. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers I 39 m debating between these two attenuators. This attenuator has two knobs for tonal control. I 39 ve used the Catalinbread DLS the SFT and a Wampler Super Plextortion in front. But from what I 39 ve read the 15 watt Micro Mass would be fine with the PJ but not for full attenuation or when dimed. Terms and Conditions apply. 175. both are speaker drivers as opposed to only resistors. Sep 02 2007 I have the Mass Lite 100 that I use with my DSL 50 and for MY needs I think it 39 s a great unit. Weber Micro Mass Attenuator guitar tube amp power soak. Any of them should work with a Blues Junior. and with the Baby Boogie weighing in at a svelte 16 pounds you KNOW the plexi just became a studio queen. 00 plus shipping. This attenuator has a main volume knob and 3 position treble compensation switch which affect the signal to the speaker. Description Policies. Excellent condition and sell for 160 including shipping to any continental US address. The THD only had 4db steps of attenuation and it can 39 t go near as far as the Weber. Bradders Apr 26 2007. For sale One THD Hot Plate Weber MiniMass 50 Watt Attenuator Reverb Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide spanning community to buy sell and discuss all things music gear. 2 000. was a nearly fully equipped model and at a price of 180. I have some earplugs that I can use also that reduce 12db too. I purchased this for an amp that I bought a while back and never used so that makes this a brand new attenuator. The UA is a different beast. I just play at home so for me it 39 s fine . Sep 25 2020 For sale is a 25 watt Weber MiniMass attenuator. The attenuation is continuously adjustable The footswitch has a 12 39 cable and the power pack for the switching relays is a 6VDC wall wart. Weber Mass 150 Attenuator. You won 39 t find 4 8 16 ohms treble compensation MASS bypass line out. It 39 s very buzzy thin grainy sounding. attenuator affixed inside the lower portion of the cab which is able to be on or off via the bypass switch . 5 HP Hewlett Packard 8494B 0 11dB 1dB Step attenuator DC to 18GHz N type con Find Amp Attenuator in Musical Instruments. Weber MINI MASS 50 Watt Attenuator 4 8 16 ohm amplifier power soak Great little amp attenuator from Ted Weber. Amp Attenuators For Sale on Reverb. Full attenuation for up to 120W amplifiers and slight attenuation for up to 200W amplifiers. 50 watt MiniMASS. Find great deals on eBay for weber mass and weber attenuator. Private nbsp Shop for guitar amp attenuators online at Gear4music. They all sound pretty good up to 6 9 dB I use a Weber to protect my vintage speakers from my 100w amps especially since the first 3 dB is purely reactive a speaker motor with no cone in the Weber for example . Jemsite gt Buy Sell or Trade gt Classified Ads Guitars and Gear gt FS Webber Mass Lite 100W Attenuator Apr 29 2014 Weber attenuators are great. Weighing in at a svelte 14lbs the Atomic Jr melds 5 watt simplicity with a killer sounding reverb quot Hot quot or quot Clean quot modes and in this case Michael 39 s excellent Night Light Jr. e. After purchase you will receive an email with further information. Location Huntington Price 100 Weber does indeed make an attenuator with a boost switch unfortunately it is an optional circuit to the 200 watt attenuator kit. Jul 14 2014 cant go wrong with the Weber mass attenuator. Sep 24 2012 Great choice on the Weber I 39 ve had a Weber MASS 150 for 5 years or so and I love it. I compared the Weber attenuator suited to the power level of the amp against the UA and PRX150 for each of the three amplifier speaker set ups. The Hot Plate Power Attenuator in 16 ohms is the gold standard for the industry and may be the most popular and widely used attenuator on the market. Guitar Center Feb 05 2013 The one for sale is the lite version. The former is used for controlling the master volume while the latter adjusts the treble to warm up or brighten the tone. 1051 Views35 Watchers Oct 11 2013 I don 39 t know a lot about attenuators but that said this mini mass model is rated for 50 watts and below. Unfortunately that s not always possible to do without cranking the volume. Most of the attenuators really seems to be built with same pattern. 062 Right now my 2 leading candidates for an attenuator are a Alex Attenuator or Rivera Rockcrusher. 8 Ohm Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Power Tube Mass brake Attenuator for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. The MiniMASS employs an actual speaker motor for realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circui Sep 12 2012 An attenuator is the amplifier equivelant of that trailer behind your Boss 302 Mustang it makes the quot vehicle quot work harder and a by product is that sweet tone. The impedance thing isn 39 t exact with these kinds of attenuators. In very good condition only light scratches looks hardly used. The main volume is controlled by the Lows Mids knob. Buy this item and get 90 days Free Amazon Music Unlimited. Feel free to add to this thread as you see fit. quot As this is true maybe Weber Mass Lite 100 should be my first choice Save money on Used Guitar Power Attenuators at Guitar Center. Additionally I 39 ve been using some Google Fu this afternoon of Weber Mass Palmer PDI 09 and it appears there are a number of people out there doing exactly as I plan including a fellow on the Boogie Boards with a Mark IIb. com I 39 ve played guitar through a few different attenuators THD Dr Z GrooveTubes Alessandro etc and they all adversely affect the tone it 39 s worse the more you attenuate the signal. 10 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm Thd Hot Plate 2 Button Footswitch Channel Accutronics Reverb Tank Celestion G12t 75 16 Ohm Thd Hot Plate Power Attenuator Celestion Heritage Amp 2 Button Footswitch Ohm Power Attenuator 16 Ohm Made In England Peavey Remote Ohm Ln Weber Mass Eminence Alnico Eminence Red 16 Ohm 75 Eminence Patriot Accutronics Spring Reverb 12 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohms Eminence Speaker 10 As many have said here it depends on your end goal. There are few things more sought after in the guitar world than the sound of an overdriven tube amp. 5 out of 5 stars 39. 00 still makes it a very compelling buy. Attenuator Diamond District 50 JLA FORUMS The Alex Attenuator is now the Scumback DBL and is 449 but I saw no power rating for it. Apr 27 2018. May 15 2006 I was looking at a fer of the Weber products namely the Weber Mass power attenuator 50W I Think and the low power load dump 50W. Z Airbrake the lines are open. 7 out of 5 stars 40. Nov 12 2019 Weber MicroMass Attenuator. There are attenuators that are resistive NOT reactive. early on Weber made a crude one in a small plain pedal sized box. This is a Weber Mass Lite 50W model attenuator for bringing down the volume of a low wattage tube amp. 5 167 views5. Precision gold plated leaf springs ensure long life over 5 million cycles and very high attenuator repeatability typically 0. They go between the amp and the speaker so the signal chain goes amp gt attenuator gt speaker. Apr 12 2016 Attenuators such as the Weber MASS helps you push your amp beyond its limits but it also creates an artificial ceiling for sound It prevents you from adding any more gain beyond what your amp is dishing out. get the 100 watt version and it wont stress too much with a dimed sr. 7uF not 10uF that 39 s a minor difference of course . Works perfectly great shape Comes with handy dandy carrying nbsp . Or just buy the Mass 200 and be happy. If you can find one. Hey guys I have a PRRI 15 watt amp that I m interested in using an attenuator with for playing at home and open jams. Read more. 39 Attenuator This is a rotary switch that selects the amount of attenuation. It includes an five inputs including headphones balanced Line Out and two speaker inputs. They also cost like 300 bucks which again sucks. Impedance selector for 4 8 16 ohms 3 position treble compensation switch MASS bypass switch nbsp Buy the a Weber. An added perk for a harp player is a significant reduction in feedback issues when the amp is pushed. We 39 ve designed a passive single ended noise reduction system which provides approximately 10 dB of broad band noise reduction without gating or pumping and without affecting the tone of the amp. But I picked some great amps Reeves TopHat Dr. 1 to pulling the outer pair of power tubes at least to see if it works for you. Offers full attenuation for 60W as and slight attenuation for 100W amps. I do think an amp with a master volume sounds better with the master up a bit and this is usually difficult in small home studios with little or no isolation. Aug 13 2009 While poking around on eBay a few days ago I did a buyer 39 s search on quot attenuator quot to see if there were any good prospects for a used Weber Mini Mass. Apr 26 2017 Agreed but there are lots of knowledgeable folks here. 50 . Useful is so many ways. For sale mainly however I A resistive attenuator is actually the safest for the amp as long as it 39 s built well enough so nothing fails when it 39 s under load the same as for any. It has. It always can take a 16 ohm load and is also hand built for a reliable quality and function that guitarists expect from the Hot Plate 16 ohm. No returns. And additional tone controls if you experience tone loss. Attenuation is provided in 10 dB steps from 0 to 70 dB. site1prod481283 481283 THD Hot Plate Attenuator Skip to main content Skip to footer Guitar Fest is On Great deals on an incredible collection of instruments amps pedals and accessories for every player Weber Mass 100 Attenuator brand new 200 Boss DD3 125 Weber mini mass 225 inputs with attenuator For sale or trade for Xaoc Belgrade filter Open to other Like Wes I use a Hot Rod Deluxe. 2 4 8 16 ohms 0 3db and 6db treble boost MASS bypass line out tone stack for line out tone stack bypass extra output jack range switch. I cranked it up and A B 39 d back and forth this morning. Price is 109 with free shipping to the continental USA only. attenuator I 39 ve been looking into attenuators do you guys have any suggestions I see hot plate thrown around a lot just curious if there is anything else I should be looking at. It come in its orignal box and is in like new condition. The piece features 1 7. 7 24. Attenuators for sale Marshall PB 100 Power Brake Guitar Amp Attenuator 205 Variable RF Attenuator 0 100dB 16. Weber Mass 200 200w hand built amp attenuator. The Weber MASS Mobility Analog System Simulator is an attenuator designed for use with electric guitar amplifiers. Also quot speaker motor quot based or quot reactive load quot attenuators are usually better than resistor based. I 39 ve got the Weber Mini Mass which is the speaker driver attenuator. Great attenuator with a lot of options. The other nice feature the Weber units have if you get it with that option is a footswitchable bypass. Weber Mass III 150W attenuator. Optional wings may be employed for rackmounting the MASS sold separately . 00 Weber Mass Lite 50w attenuators w balanced line out Epiphone Matt Healy signature Custom Make an offer on anything until I get rough pricing for everything. So I started boning up a bit on the subject and looked at Weber 39 s website for product info. This is in immaculate condition and has been used for home use only to attenuate some tube amps that are going up for sale so the Weber is no longer required. zepp76 said ICBM wouldn t the Marshall Power brake be a good choice for this amp or is it more suited to higher wattage amps Aug 14 2005 Does anyone know offhand which Power Attenuator works best with a Hot Rod Deville Also what impedance works best with 2x12 speaker config. Some pedals and an attenuator for sale All prices are PPG and include shipping. It has a low mid knob and a mid high knob. The power is just for the footswitch circuitry. This is the advantage of using a reactive load over a resitive load. You 39 ll love it. Weber Mass Loaded with a silent speaker Weber s most robust attenuator has a main volume knob and three position treble compensation switch. They are also very reasonably priced. By placing it between your tube amp 39 s speaker output and your speaker you can turn your amp to its max while bringing the volume down via the PS1. 2 Aug 2017 Check out the full review on the Weber MiniMass 50W here . It came super quick too. They are passive resistive loads rather than reactive loads both are not just a DI box they do what you 39 re looking for and attenuate the speaker level so you can turn up the amp and basically have a volume knob for the speaker level. Like all Weber attenuators you can turn all attenuator controls to zero pull the speaker and just use the line out making the MASS III an expensive dummy load. Sep 24 2020 For sale we have a Weber Mass III 150 watt Power Attenuator. Z Z Air Brake 100 watt Attenuator Excellent I was idly speculating on whether I might want to get a Weber Mass 200 good for 200W attenuator to run my Ampeg V 4 into. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers for sale gt musical instruments by owner. This is for use with valve amps up to 50 watts as the attenuator needs to to be rated twice the amps power nbsp For greater savings check out our Used Weber Mini Mass 25 Watt Attenuator Power Attenuator and get a great deal today 17 Dec 2014 The attenuator suggested by Bartek Weber Mini Mass should do the job as it can attenuate down to 50 dB. 50 watt version. 750. It can be used with up to 100 watt amps if you don 39 t set your amp 39 s output much more than half of full power. Weber Mass Lite 100W attenuator. Has been check over and is full working condition. You can mount it right into the amp with a little velcro. NYC LP Player 39 132 views. com weber minimass 50w attenuatorload box review Buy the MiniMass here Oct 09 2017 Epiphone Junior Half Stack. I have never used the tone Weber Mass Passive Attenuator musical instruments by owner sale My Weber MASS 50 is built very well I removed the cover and found top notch workmanship inside. The attenuation is continuously adjustable from about 3dB to over 50dB. You 39 ll love it . The Weber MiniMass is a 50 watt attenuator that also doubles as a load box. This topic is heavily moderated and is not for listing JEM Universe guitars or links to auctions . I ve been thinking about a Weber mass attenuator 50 watt. Here are my observations Used Tele w Maz Jr 2x12 combo then switched to 335 w Route 66 w 1x12 closed back w V 30. 8 weber mass lite 50w attenuator 50 https www. Unlike Wes 99 of the playing I do is with the guitar straight into the amp. REJOICE oh great lovers of tone. My vote and purchase will be the Weber. With no power applied the attenuator is engaged. FREE Shipping. First off when you are using a Weber attenuator and you go from Bypass to Active your signal is instantly attenuated. The Lows Mids and Mids Highs as well as the Brightness cut switch enable a great deal of tonal variation. Many amps can reach full power at 3 or 4 on the volume dial so it is a good suggestion to get an attenuator with 4x the power handling. No warranty expressed or implied. You can adjust the volume and there 39 s a tone stack. Feb 23 2010 i dont have much experience with attenuators only with the Princeton Recording amp but I 39 ve been curious about getting one for my HR Deville. I use an attenuator to get my Bassman cooking at gigs with the attenuator knocking the volume down a bit. Then to control the mids and treble use the MIDDLE knob and TREBLE knob. IMG IMG IMG Low Rivera 39 s RockCrusher Recording power attenuator and load box could be your gateway to epic tube amp tonal bliss. Never gigged. I recently picked up the unit so I could record my Hughes amp Kettner Tubemeister 36 amp head directly into my audio interface and pair it with an impulse response on my computer. The makers of these products strive for the best transparency and non coloration possible and that s no different with the quot The Ultimate Attenuator. . Skip to main content Skip to footer site5112715329 Used 112715329 Weber Mini Mass Speaker Attenuator Power Attenuator The Weber Mass 200w looked great but the shipping would have cost about the same as the attenuator so I had to give it a skip. This is where the Weber MicroMass Attenuator comes into play. 01 dB . RVA Jul 3 2020 Replies 11 Sep 15 2010 What keeps me from getting another attenuator is the price mainly. If the ad is up its available. Great condition. Although with all those EMGs maybe that 39 s not a problem LAWL. Thank you Paul Scammers Do not waste my time Weber Stainless 72. Then to control the treble use the Mids Highs knob. To my surprise I couldn 39 t find any information regarding what impedance the Mass is. weber mass attenuator for sale